Is A 4K Monitor Worth It? Let’s Find Out!

It depends on what you intend to do with it. If you want to learn more about UHD monitors, then read this guide. Since 4K monitors have become very affordable recently, they are worth the investment for professionals and everyday users alike.

We don’t suggest them for PC gaming since the 4K UHD resolution is quite demanding, and the visual quality boost over a decent 1440p monitor is rarely worth the speed impact.

As consoles typically run at 30FPS or 60FPS at 4K, 4K monitors make more sense, since most games are designed to run at these speeds.

Getting a 4K display seems inevitable as more material becomes accessible in 4K quality. Higher-resolution implies more details, higher picture quality, and more screen space for spreadsheets and web browsing.

What you do on your computer determines whether or not a 4K display is worth it. Do you like video games, creating material, or just want everything to be clear and sharp? We’ll help you decide.

Choosing gaming monitors in 4K

If you already own a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, then you don’t have to buy a 4K display because those consoles already lock you into 30 or 60 FPS at 4K. With the PS5, you have a selection of 1080p 120Hz, 4K 60Hz, or 4K 120Hz.

An ideal monitor would be a 4K 120Hz since it would also allow you to game at 4K 60Hz and 1080p 120Hz, but these are more expensive monitors.

In addition, you would not be able to enjoy 4K 120Hz in most games, barring some titles with low demands. The 120FPS mode on the PS5 is only supported at 1080p in most games. Consider an AOC 24G2 if most of your games support 120FPS, such as the vast majority of games you play.

As an alternative, get a 4K TV that also supports 1080p 120Hz or a 4K monitor that supports 60Hz for better image quality.

In addition to the 1080p 120Hz and 4K 60Hz/120Hz options available for Xbox Series X and S, you can now play 1440p 120Hz.

It is best to consider a 1440p 120Hz display, such as the Dell S2721DGF, rather than a 4K 60Hz monitor since most games can only support 120FPS, just as they can with the PS5.

If you’re gaming on a PC, it depends on the configuration of your computer and the games you’re playing. 

An RTX 3080 GPU, for example, will provide you with 60FPS at 4K and 100FPS at 1440p in a game such as Anthem. A 27-inch monitor with a 4K resolution and a 1440p display is much more likely to see a noticeable difference in performance between 60FPS and 100FPS.

A 4K display would be your best choice if you place more importance on graphics over performance.

A 4K monitor is suitable for professional use.

You will be able to provide your viewers with impeccable picture quality if you own a 4K monitor if you are a content creator.

As a result of better image quality and more screen space, video and photo editing will be more enjoyable as well.

Be sure that your hardware is capable. Depending on how complex your videos are and what format you use, you’ll need a lot of RAM, a strong GPU, and extra storage if you want to render 4K content.

However, although you can get cheap 4K monitors nowadays, the hardware to power them for some uses still costs a lot.

It would be worth considering that most of your viewers are going to watch your content in 1080p, as it is still the most popular resolution and the standard.

A 4K monitor is worth it if you can edit in it, but if you don’t need it right now, you might want to consider an ultrawide monitor as an intermediary option; if you’re not able to edit in it, 1080p is still the most popular resolution; and if you don’t need it right now, you might want to consider an 8K monitor as well.

Monitors that are perfect for everyday use

In addition to watching 4K movies and TV shows, surfing the web, and performing other basic multimedia tasks, a 4K monitor is a viable choice if you just need to watch movies and TV shows.

As well as some 4K monitors, you can get 1440p monitors for a lower price! Unless you are gaming, a powerful computer isn’t necessary.

Despite the fact that Intel’s 7th Generation Core processors are equipped with the HD 630 integrated GPU, it is able to support 4K resolution, so you can watch 4K movies with no problem.

You also need a decent internet connection for streaming 4K content online, at least 25 Mbps, in order to watch 4K content.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, there is a wealth of content that is compatible with 4K monitors. Before you purchase a monitor, however, ensure that your hardware will be able to play the games you wish to play.